Today I'm happy to announce the release of Review Board 1.7 RC 1, the last milestone (hopefully) before the final 1.7 release.

We had hoped to get this out the door a bit earlier, but decided to smooth over some rough edges to give people a better upgrade experience, and it was worth it.

1.7 RC fixes a large number of bugs, both those found in 1.7 beta 2 and those we've had in Review Board for some time. The UI should feel faster, smoother, with fewer jumpy editors and nice usability tweaks here and there.

Along with the bug fixes, we've laid the foundation for pluggable review UIs for different types of file attachments, introduced a couple new file attachment thumbnail renderers, and fully replaced screenshot review with image file attachment review.

Some major bugs with extensions have been fixed. In particular, the list of extensions and their configuration is now properly synchronized across all your web server threads/processes, and all URLs provided by extensions will no longer "randomly" fail to work.

The next big step before 1.7 is getting all our documentation done. We expect code changes to be at a minimum. The exceptions will be some UI polish and any major bugs that turn up in RC.

If you're looking to upgrade to 1.7 soon, we suggest giving 1.7 RC a try, as it'll more or less be what we'll ship for 1.7.

Full release notes are available.