We're inching closer to the finish line with Review Board 1.7 beta 2!

The big highlight is a brand new style for Review Board. We've kept the same basic style since we first introduced Review Board, and decided it was time for a change. The new style is slicker, more polished, more consistent, fits better on the screen, and yet is still familiar.

There's also some fixes for problems people have encountered with beta 1, and of course all the fixes and enhancements in the latest 1.6 release.

This will not be the last beta. We are introducing two new pieces of architecture soon that will allow for really awesome things in future releases. The first is support for writing custom review UIs for different file types (the beginnings of which will land in beta 3). The second is a new JavaScript architecture that extension developers will be able to take advantage of to better integrate with Review Board and plug into our browser-side UIs.

Those who are interested in writing extensions should discuss their needs on the reviewboard-dev mailing list. We have a limited number of hook points right now, and need your help to prioritize.

Full release notes are available.