Update 25-Sep-2012 2:16AM: There was a small regression with the display of function headers on some comments. No crashes or anything, just displaying content wrong. We've re-released 1.6.12 with this fix.

Review Board 1.6.12 has been released, and is full of long-requested goodies.

We have fixed a number of key issues with parsing diffs. In particular, SVN diffs with property changes no longer totally break, and Git diffs no longer have the useful information like the summary and author stripped away.

We also introduced a new feature by popular request: Incremental expansion for diffs. You can now expand 20 lines at a time or up to the listed function or class, instead of expanding an entire collapsed region at once. You can also re-collapse the expansion. NetApp, Inc. sponsored the development of this feature.

There's also many other fixes and improvements in the release.

See the release notes for the full breakdown.