Along with the Review Board 1.0 beta 1 release, we're also announcing a new package called RBTools, which had its first release tonight.

RBTools is the new home of post-review, and will in time contain new useful scripts for use with Review Board. No longer do users have to grab the latest version of post-review from our source trees. We'll be providing formal releases from now on.

To install, simply run the following (as root):

$ easy_install -U RBTools

Along with the new package comes some new features and fixes for post-review. A full summary is provided below:

Bugs Fixed in post-review:
  • The help output for --repository-url and the error output used for when --parent isn't supported was referencing the wrong names for some parameters.
  • Patches generated against a git tree were broken when running post-review inside a subdirectory of the root of the tree. Patch by Luke Lu. (Bug #928)
  • Fixed a parsing error when using diffs generated by Git. Patch by Stacey Sheldon.
  • Removed a duplicate CVSClient class, which added to the file's size and possibly caused some errors. Patch by Lepton Wu.
  • Fixed a deprecation warning when using post-review on Python 2.6. Patch by Eric Huss.
  • Fixed parsing Perforce changesets that include binary files. Patch by Raghu Kaippully. (Bug #585)
New Features in post-review:
  • Added new --guess-summary and --guess-description parameters for Git repositories that provide defaults for both the summary and description based on the commit messages on the branch. Patch by Luke Lu. (Bug #927)
  • post-review can now look up the Review Board server URL from Perforce counters. See the documentation inside post-review or on the website for examples on how to set this up.