Django, the web framework Review Board is built upon, is approaching their 1.0 release and have released Django 1.0 alpha for download. In order to keep up with Django development, Review Board has required the Django Subversion development tree to run, requiring that users develop a basic understanding of Subversion and keeping their copy up-to-date.

With the new Django alpha release, we're now able to remove this extra burden. As of tonight, Review Board now requires Django 1.0 alpha or higher. Simply download the new release and install it. Of course, if you're currently using a Subversion checkout of Django, you can continue to use it.

The Django 1.0 release will bring us a step closer to our own 1.0. There's a few major features still planned, and lots of bug fixing. We'll have a roadmap up in the coming weeks detailing our plans. Stay tuned!