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New in version 2.0.

Doc8 is an opinionated style checker for reStructuredText-based documentation (including Sphinx-compatible documentation).

See the doc8 documentation for the lists of checks that are performed.

Supported File Types

The following are supported by this tool:

  • reStructuredText: *.rst


doc8 can be installed on most systems by running:

$ pip install doc8

It may also be available in your system’s package manager.


Doc8 Location

If the doc8 command is in a non-standard location, and can’t be found in Review Bot’s PATH environment variable, then you’ll need to specify the path in the Review Bot worker config file:

exe_paths = {
    'doc8': '/path/to/doc8',

You will need to restart the Review Bot worker after making this change.

Enabling Doc8 in Review Board

First, you’ll need to add a Review Bot configuration in Review Board (see Tool Configurations).

The following configuration options are available:

Maximum line length (required):

The maximum length allowed for lines. Any lines longer than this length will cause an issue to be filed.

The default is 79.

This is equivalent to doc8 --max-line-length=....

Encoding (required):

The encoding used for reStructuredText files.

reStructuredText files using any other encoding may cause parsing problems.

The default is utf-8.

This is equivalent to doc8 --file-encoding=....