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Review Bot 1.0.1 Release Notes

Release date: July 31, 2018

New Features

  • Allow forcing the language for cppcheck (Bug #4717).

    Cppcheck will default to treating .h files as C, which will show errors if they’re actually C++. You can now force a cppcheck integration configuration to use a specific language.

    Patch by André Klitzing.

  • Added full-repository tool support for Mercurial repositories.

    Some tools (such as the clang static analyzer) need to run on the full repository instead of individual files. This requires Review Bot to create a checkout of the repository. Review Bot can now check out Mercurial repositories in addition to Git.

    Patch by André Klitzing.

Bug Fixes

  • Increased the worker detection timeout.

    If a worker node took more than 2 seconds to reply, the detection step in the Review Bot extension configuration page would fail. This timeout has been increased to 10 seconds to allow slower nodes to reply.

  • Fixed worker API authentication when running with Review Board 3.0.8+.

    Some internal changes in Review Board 3.0.8 broke the creation of session keys for the worker to authenticate to the API.

  • Fixed errors in integration configuration when a tool was not selected (Bug #4713).

    Attempting to save an integration configuration without selecting a tool would fail without displaying an error message.

    Patch by Joshua Cannon.

  • Fixed reporting of internal errors in flake8 (Bug #4710).

    If flake8 failed with an internal error, it would report the tool as having passed. These errors are now properly shown.

    Patch by Joshua Cannon.

  • Fixed result reporting for cpplint (Bug #4671).

    The CppLint tool had some bugs preventing it from properly reporting results. These have been fixed.

    Patch by Sujeevan Rasaratnam.

  • Fixed clean-up of temporary files (Bug #4640).

    Temporary files were not being properly deleted after each tool run.


  • André Klitzing

  • David Trowbridge

  • Joshua Cannon

  • Sujeevan Rasaratnam