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rbt diff is similar to rbt post, but will only print the diff to standard out instead of creating a review request for it.


$ rbt diff [options] [revisions]

Default Options

A number of options to rbt diff can be set by default in .reviewboardrc. These can go either in the repository’s or the user’s .reviewboardrc.

The options include:


-d, –debug

Display debug output.

The default can be set in DEBUG in .reviewboardrc.


Specify a different Review Board server to use.

The default can be set in REVIEWBOARD_URL in .reviewboardrc.


The parent branch this diff should be against (only available if your repository supports parent diffs).

-I <file>, –include <file>

Include only the specified file in the diff. This argument can be passed in multiple times to include multiple files. This is only available with some SCM backends (Bazaar, CVS, Git, Mercurial, Perforce, and SVN).


Tracking branch from which your branch is derived (Git only, defaults to origin/master)


Generate the diff for review based on a local SVN changelist.


The name of the repository to look up when posting the change. This is the same name shown on the New Review Request page or in the repository configuration page.

The default can be set in REPOSITORY in .reviewboardrc.


The url for a repository for creating a diff outside of a working copy (currently only supported by Subversion with specific revisions or --diff-filename and ClearCase with relative paths outside the view). For Git, this specifies the origin url of the current repository, overriding the origin url supplied by the Git client.

The default can be set in REPOSITORY_URL in .reviewboardrc.

Note that versions of RBTools prior to 0.6 used the REPOSITORY setting in .reviewboardrc, and allowed a repository name to be passed to --repository-url. This is no longer supported in 0.6 and higher. You may need to update your configuration and scripts appropriately.


Username to be supplied to the Review Board server.

The default can be set in USERNAME in .reviewboardrc.


Password to be supplied to the Review Board server.

The default can be set in PASSWORD in .reviewboardrc.


Specifies the type of repository in the current directory. In most cases this should be detected automatically, but some directory structures containing multiple repositories require this option to select the proper type. The rbt list-repo-types command can be used to list the supported values.

The default can be set in REPOSITORY_TYPE in .reviewboardrc.


The Perforce client name that the review is in.

The default can be set in P4_CLIENT in .reviewboardrc.


The Perforce servers IP address that the review is on.

The default can be set in P4_PORT in .reviewboardrc.


The Perforce password or ticket of the user in the P4USER environment variable.

The default can be set in P4_PASSWD in .reviewboardrc.