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rbt api-get will request the API resource found at the provided <path> and display it as JSON.

Paths will be appended to the root of the API to generate a URL. For example, the /review-requests/123/ path would result in a request to http://example.com/api/review-requests/123/.

The path may also be replaced by a full URL. If rbt api-get detects the path begins with http:// or https://, it will treat the path itself as the request URL.

Query arguments may also be specified for the request. Each query argument appears after -- on the command line and takes the form of --<query-arg>=<value>. For example:

$ # Make a request to http://example.com/api/review-requests/?counts-only=1
$ rbt api-get /review-requests/ -- --counts-only=1


$ rbt api-get [options] <path> [-- [--<query-arg>=<value> ...]]

Default Options

A number of options to rbt api-get can be set by default in .reviewboardrc. These can go either in the repository’s or the user’s .reviewboardrc.

The options include:


-d, –debug

Display debug output.

The default can be set in DEBUG in .reviewboardrc.


Pretty print output.

The default can be set in API_GET_PRETTY_PRINT in .reviewboardrc.