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This documentation covers the in-development release of RB Gateway. You can see the latest stable docs or all previous versions.

Configuring Review Board Gateway

rb-gateway is configured with two files: a configuration file and a password file.

Configuration File

The configuration file is a JSON file which defines the basic settings for the service, and includes an array listing each of the local repositories which rb-gateway should allow access to:

    "htpasswdPath": "/etc/rb-gateway/htpasswd",
    "port": 8888,
    "tokenStorePath": "/var/lib/rb-gateway/tokens.dat",
    "webhookStorePath": "/etc/rb-gateway/webhooks.json",
    "repositories": [
        {"name": "repo1", "path": "/path/to/repo1.git", "scm": "git"},
        {"name": "repo2", "path": "/path/to/repo2.hg", "scm": "hg"}

The available configuration keys are as follows:

htpasswdPath (string)
The path to the password file. Details on this can be found below.
port (int)
The port for rb-gateway to listen on. If not specified, this will default to 8888.
repositories (array)
The list of all repositories to host with rb-gateway. See below for more details.
sslCertificate (string)
The path to the SSL public certificate to use when HTTPS is enabled.
sslKey (string)
The path to the SSL private key to use when HTTPS is enabled.
tokenStorePath (string)
The path to a file where rb-gateway will store authentication sessions. The directory for this file must exist and be writable.
useTLS (boolean)
Whether to use HTTPS for communication. This requires a valid certificate specified in the sslCertificate and sslKey config options.
webhookStorePath (string):
The path to a file where rb-gateway will store configured webhooks. The directory for this file must exist and be writable.

Each repository in the configuration file is a JSON object with the following keys:

name (string)
The name to use for the repository. This is used for the configuration in the Review Board admin UI when linking the repository.
path (string)
The path on disk to the local repository.
scm (string)
The type of repository. This can be either git or hg.

Password File

The password file uses the htpasswd format to store authentication credentials. These credentials are used by the Review Board server to connect to the service. This file can be created or updated with Apache’s htpasswd tool or other widely-available third party tools.

Running rb-gateway as a Service

It’s likely that you’ll want to run rb-gateway as a service that starts when you boot the server. There are many ways of doing this depending on your particular environment, but one of the more common ones is systemd. The below unit file example can be customized with the location of the rb-gateway binary and your config file:

Description=Review Board Gateway

ExecStart=/usr/local/bin/rb-gateway --config /etc/rb-gateway/rb-gateway.conf
ExecReload=/bin/kill -HUP $MAINPID