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Visual Studio Team Services Support

Power Pack allows you to use TFS and Git repositories hosted by Visual Studio Team Services (previously known as “Visual Studio Online”).

Adding a Visual Studio Team Services repository is done using the same procedures as adding any other repository. See Repositories for the basic steps of adding and configuring a repository.

Configuring Alternate Authentication Credentials

In order for Review Board to connect to your Visual Studio Team Services account, you need to configure alternate authentication credentials. From your account on Visual Studio Team Services, click your name in the upper right, then click My profile. From this screen, click Security in the upper left, and then click Alternate authentication credentials.

From this screen, you can set a password for use with Review Board. If you wish to use a different user name from your primary one, you may also set that.


If you get a message saying “Alternate credentials are disabled on this account,” you’ll need to have your VisualStudio.com administrator enable this support.

This can be enabled by going to the administration pages for your team, clicking Securtiy, and then setting Alternate authentication credentials (under Application Cnonections) to Allow instead of Deny. Then save the settings.

Visual Studio Team Services Repository Configuration

To create a Team Services repository, select VisualStudio.com for the Hosting service. Add the authentication credentials that you configured in the alternate authentication credentials screen on Team Services.

Under Repository Information, add your Team Services account name. This is the name which is part of the URL to your team services account. For example, if your account was https://example.visualstudio.com, enter example.

Git Repositories

If you’re using a Git repository, you’ll also need to fill out the VisualStudio.com project name and VisualStudio.com repository name fields. For example, if your clone URL is:


Then your project name would be MyProject and your repository name would be MyRepo.

RBTools Support

The RBTools command-line tools include support for posting pending changes against TFS repositories. This currently requires the tf.cmd command, which is included in Visual Studio 2013 (Update 3 and below), and in Team Explorer Everywhere (which runs on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux).

If you are running Visual Studio 2013 Update 4, you’ll need to install Team Explorer Everywhere to get tf.cmd. In Update 4, this was replaced with a new version called tf.exe which is missing several crucial features.