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VersionVault and ClearCase Repositories

New in version 4.0.

Power Pack adds support for HCL VersionVault and enhanced support for IBM ClearCase repositories. Review Board’s built-in ClearCase support is a community-provided project and is limited both in functionality and support.

Below, the term “VersionVault” refers to both “HCL VersionVault” as well as “IBM ClearCase”.

Multiple VersionVault VOBs can be included in a single Review Board repository.

Installing VersionVault Support

Before you add the repository, you will need to make sure the cleartool command from the VersionVault client is present in your system path (or in a place accessible by your web server’s process). Using the new VersionVault tool also requires Review Board 4.0.5 or newer.

Adding a Repository

To configure a VersionVault or ClearCase repository, you’ll need to first create a view on the Review Board server with access to all of your desired VOBs. This must be either a snapshot or dynamic view.

To create the repository entry in Review Board, select (None - Custom Repository) for the Hosting Service, and VersionVault / ClearCase for the Repository Type.

Under the Path field, enter the absolute path to your view. On Windows, this must include the drive letter.

For example:


Next, for ClearCase VOBs, you’ll need to enter the OID for each VOB you want included. To find the VOB OID, use this command (replacing <vobtag> with the tag of the VOB):

$ cleartool lsvob -l <vobtag> | grep "family uuid"

Copy the OIDs, and enter them in the field, one per line. For example:


RBTools Support

The RBTools command-line tools include support for posting changes for VersionVault and ClearCase with support for a variety of workflows. The cleartool command must be available on each system that you use RBTools on.

See the rbt post documentation for more details on how to post changes for review using VersionVault and ClearCase.