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Bitbucket Server Support

Power Pack adds support for using Review Board for code review when using Bitbucket Server for source code hosting.

Adding a Bitbucket Server repository is done using the same procedures as adding any other repository. See Repositories for the basic steps of adding and configuring a repository.

Bitbucket Server repository configuration

To create a Bitbucket Server repository, select Bitbucket Server for the Hosting service. Once selected, enter the URL of your Bitbucket Server server for the :guilabel`Service URL`. You will then need to add the username and password you use when logging into Bitbucket Server.

Bitbucket Server repositories have two modes, classified as either “Project” or “Personal”. If you’re connecting to a project repository, select Project Repository, and then enter the project key (found in the Bitbucket Server project settings) and repository name. If you’re configuring a personal repository, select Personal Repository, and then enter the owner’s username and the repository name.