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Administrator Dashboard

The dashboard is the front page of the Administration UI. It provides convenient shortcuts for common management tasks, some server information, and Review Board project news updates.


The “Manage” section provides shortcuts to some common management tasks. These are specifically links to add and edit the following entries in the database:

  • Users
  • Review groups
  • Default reviewers
  • Repositories

Clicking the name will take you to a list of items for that type. For example, clicking “Users” will show the list of all users. This is the same page that you would get by clicking the same name in the Database Management section.

Clicking the “Add” link beside the name will let you quickly add a new item in that section.

The number in parenthesis beside the name is the number of existing entries.

Server Information

This section shows some basic information on the Review Board server:

  • Review Board version
  • Server Cache

Depending on your cache backend, The “Server Cache” link will be displayed. This will take you to a page displaying detailed cache statistics.

Server Cache

The Server Cache page shows information on the cache backend. When using the memcached backend, statistics will be displayed for every registered memcached server.

The statistics shown include:

  • Memory usage (bytes)
  • Number of keys in the cache
  • Cache hits
  • Cache misses
  • Cache evictions
  • Cache traffic (bytes in and out)
  • Server uptime


Important Review Board news updates are displayed in the “News” section. A snippet of each post is displayed, and the full post can be displayed by clicking the post summary.

The upper-right of the news box contains links for viewing all the news items, reloading the news box, and subscribing to an RSS feed for the news.