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This documentation covers Djblets 2.x. You can see the latest Djblets documentation or all other versions.


Specialized descriptors/properties for classes.

class BaseProperty[source]

Base class for a custom property for a class.

This is an optional base class that provides handy utilities that properties may need. For instance, being able to determine the name of the property’s attribute on a class.


Return the name of this property’s attribute.

The value will be computed only once per property instance.


instance (object) – The instance owning this property.


The name of this property on the instance.

Return type


class AliasProperty(prop_name, convert_to_func=None, convert_from_func=None, deprecated=False, deprecation_warning=<class 'DeprecationWarning'>)[source]

A property that aliases to another property or attribute.

Alias properties are used to automatically retrieve from another property on access, or to set a value on another property. It’s useful when wanting to rename an attribute but continue to provide a deprecated version, or when creating an object that provides a set of compatibility attributes for use with legacy code.

Alias properties can optionally emit a deprecation warning on use, in order to help in the process of migrating legacy code.

class TypedProperty(valid_types, default=None, allow_none=True)[source]

A property that enforces type safety.

This property will ensure that only values that are compatible with a given type can be set. This ensures type safety and helps catch errors early.

get_descriptor_attr_name(descriptor, cls)[source]

Return the name of a property/descriptor instance on a class.

This will go through the class and all parent classes, looking for the property, and returning its attribute name. This is primarily intended to help with providing better error messages.

  • descriptor (object) – The instance of the property/descriptor. For a proper value to be returned, this must exist on cls.

  • cls (type) – The class owning the property.


The name of the property/descriptor.

Return type