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Comment Categorization

by Beanbag, Inc.

This extension adds a new field to comments which allows users to categorize them into types.


The available categories are set in the extension's administration interface. From the extension list in the Review Board administration UI, click "Configure" to get to the extension configuration.

If you want users to have to specify a comment type for every comment that they file, select "Require comment type". If this is not selected, users can leave the field blank when making new comments.

Below this is a table of the available type names. New types can be added by clicking "Add type". Types can be removed by clicking the "X" to the right of the name, or hidden by un-checking the "Visible" check-box. Once changes have been made, click "Save" to update the configuration.


When creating a new comment, the comment dialog will contain a new "Type" drop-down with the configured type names.

The comment type saved with each comment can be seen next to the comment text, and is also available in the API (in the extra_data.commentType key in the various comment resources).

Installation instructions

To install this package, type:

sudo easy_install -U rbcommenttype

Then go to your Administration UI -> Extensions page and click "Scan for installed extensions". The extension should show up. If it does not, reload your web server and try again.