Google Summer of Code 2010

We've been fortunate enough to participate once again in the Google Summer of Code. This is an opportunity for students from around the world to work on interesting open source projects. This is our second year participating. Last year's efforts resulted in the upcoming Move Detection in the Diff Viewer, whitespace display toggling, Policy rule support (coming in probably 1.7), WebHooks (coming in 1.6), and Eclipse IDE integration.

This year we've selected three students with very exciting proposals:

  • Distributed Version Control System support to allow for reviewing patch sets and checking remote branch status.
  • Identifying repeated changes in a diff and summarizing or collapsing them, making it easier to review code where a function or variable has been renamed or changed in a consistent way throughout several files.
  • Work on the Extensions branch to help get our in-development Extensions support into better shape for a release.
  • A Linux installer making it easier to install Review Board on a variety of Linux distributions and keep it up-to-date.

We'd like to thank everyone who submitted a proposal this year, and we'd especially like to thank Google for once again accepting us into Summer of Code! Finally, we'd like to welcome our students into the project this year. It should be a great Summer.

Review Board 1.0.7 released

It's release night! We have yet another one for you. We just released Review Board 1.0.7, which is a fairly small release with some further performance improvements for the dashboard.

After getting feedback from users of the 1.0.6 release, we discovered that, while the dashboard speed improvements did make a difference, the dashboard was still slower than it should have been on large deployments. We investigated this and found some further improvements we could make, which have massively reduced loading times on these large deployments.

It also restores compatibility with the betas of Django 1.2. Careful readers might note that we announced compatibility in 1.0.6, but as luck would have it, the following day we were broken again. We fixed the latest breakage, and hopefully won't see another.

More information can be found in the release notes.

RBTools 0.2.0 released

Tonight we released the final build of RBTools 0.2.0. The is the first official stable release of RBTools and is compatible with both Review Board 1.0.x and the upcoming 1.5 release.

RBTools is a collection of a tools for working with Review Board. Right now, there is only one tool, post-review, which makes it easy to create and update review requests. It's useful for end users, automation, and as a way to integrate with other products.

Users of previous versions will find some good bug fixes in the final release. In particular, a couple crash bugs and a UTF-8 encoding bug in RBTools 0.2 RC 1 have been fixed.

We have many plans for future versions. Some new tools will be added for querying review requests and otherwise working with review requests. RBTools will also provide a Python module, allowing custom tools to be written. These new tools will likely require Review Board 1.5.

More information can be found in the release notes.